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Q: Why can a problem occur when deleting or renaming files in the CLI?#

Problems may arise when deleting or renaming files in the HA CLI due to the following reasons:

File Identity: CLI relies on file names or paths to track modifications. When a file is renamed, its identity changes, potentially causing the CLI to no longer recognize it. Similarly, deleting a file makes it inaccessible for the CLI to track.

Event Handling Limitations: CLI monitoring relies on operating system events or file system notifications, which often have limitations in explicitly indicating file renaming or deletion.

Q: What can I do to resolve problems related to file deletion or renaming in the CLI?#

To mitigate problems related to deleting or renaming files in the CLI, you can consider the following steps:

Manual deletion: If you have renamed a file and the CLI is not recognizing it, manually delete the processed renamed file and re-run the CLI. This will allow the CLI to treat it as a new file and track it accordingly.

Reinitialization: Restart the CLI after performing file operations like renaming and deletion to ensure accurate monitoring.

Be aware that renaming or deleting files may affect the CLI's ability to track and process changes. Take this into account when performing such operations.