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Welcome to the technical overview of Magnolia Headless Accelerator.

Headless Accelerator (HA) helps you create a headless project with Magnolia CMS, that is easy and fast to implement. With HA you can speed up the headless projects with a tightly integrated development workflow.

What is Headless Accelerator#

HA CLI is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for developers to speed up development of headless projects with Magnolia.

Accelerate the development experience#

No need to build a project from scratch - create a new project from the available project templates.

Learn the basics of Magnolia Headless Accelerator while creating a web application with HA CLI.

Why to use Headless Accelerator#

With Magnolia Headless Accelerator you can:

  • start creating the web application without a need to configure the Magnolia instance

  • build the headless project on the available project templates

  • easily create new components, content apps and page templates

  • have all the components, content apps and page templates yaml definitions synchronised with Magnolia light modules

  • have a full overview of the running Magnolia instance and web application

  • create custom components or use Magnolia UXF web components

  • use TypeScript for safe development

Start using Headless Accelerator now#

Get started with Magnolia Headless Accelerator and start building responsive, mobile-first experience sites using web components with React, Angular or Vue.

Install and setup#

To use Magnolia Headless Accelerator, make some initial installation and setup. All information about the required prerequisites are in the Installation section of this documentation.

Create the web application#

Create a new web application using Magnolia Headless Accelerator. Learn main HA attributes with this step-by-step guide.

Explore Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magnolia integration#

Preview the progressive web app that showcases the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) and Magnolia integration, with the front-end served via the Salesforce Composable Storefront.

Get advanced tips#

CLI Overview contains overview of the HA CLI, as well as advanced tips how to use the Headless Accelerator.

We would like to hear from you#

If you find that something is missing in the documentation or if something is confusing, please let us know. We can't wait to get your feedback and ideas for the Headless Accelerator.

If you have any questions you can always ask on our Magnolia User Group List or reach out to the Magnolia community on Stack Overflow.