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HA Release 1.0.0 GA

· 4 min read
Senol Tas

We are happy to announce the general availibility from the headless accelerator. Thanks to all Customers and Partners who have been participating the in the Developer Preview.

What does it mean?#

All code modules has been released to our production nexus npm repository and the ha cli tool is published to npmjs.

Some highlights of features directly requested during the Developer Preview:

  • Tighter Storybook integration: You have the possibility to automatically generate Mock Data out of YALM definitions. We even integrated fakerjs to auto generate mockup data for storybook.
  • Better Angular Support: The HA CLI tool's generate and install command are integrating tighter to Angular, especially with Angular SSR. We also added Angular SSR into the jumpstart CLI.
  • Extended Environment Variables Support: We extended the HA CLI environment variables to make it possible to even more customize the developer experience. This makes the usage in CI environments more accessable.
  • Performance Improvments: During the Developer Preview we gathered a lot useful production great feedback from you and are happy that we made the HA CLI even faster to match your needs.

How to upgrade to the GA version?#

If you have participated in the Developer Preview, there are some action to take to switch to the GA version of HA-CLI.

  • Ideally you will uninstall all ha cli installations in your system.
  • If you have any .npmrc files pointing to the AWS npm registry from the Developer Preview, please remove all entries to them,especially for the organization @magnoliae-ea.
  • install the new version with npm install @magnolia/ha-cli -g
  • Configuring your CI environment: add MGNL_HA_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable with your nexus account token to prevent login prompt during ha installation. The ha wrapper will configure your access to nexus automatically. if you have a local .npmrc file pointing to the old npm registry, please adapt or remove this.

What's next?#

Thanks to you we have a great list of new features and improvments and we are commited to keep the momentum to implement these. We are planing two more releases primary with documentation updates you have reqeusted. Following April 7th we will operate in regular mode and keep you update in our Blog. Since the HA CLI tool is feature complete and used in production already, we will focus on two key areas:

  • UXF Core: Our Webcomponent Library will be extend with more ready to use web components and we focus on extendibility.
  • HA CLI: You requested extension points for your project setup. We will make our jumpstart extendable, so you can create your own jumpstart templates for your projects. The generate command will also be opened up for customization, this will make it possible for you to use the HA CLI tool with your own code generators.



  • [HA-1] - 'ha dev' panel very hard to read due to colors
  • [HA-8] - CORS configuration angular template
  • [HA-11] - ha install does not create mgnl-config
  • [HA-19] - ha install environment variable HA_CLI_MGNL_LIGHT_MODULES doesn't deal with relative parts
  • [HA-26] - Fix jumpstart for vue nuxt project
  • [HA-28] - light modules themes are not creating on initial start
  • [HA-29] - mgnl-config ignored when running just ha install without --watch mode
  • [HA-36] - ha jumpstart is not working anymore
  • [HA-39] - fix hardcoded values and logic in helper functions
  • [HA-40] - Remove ha-template decorations for items that are not displayed in definitions app
  • [HA-43] - Move configuration decorations to ha-config bootstraps
  • [HA-63] - Alert Thing Bug in Documentation

New Feature#

  • [HA-50] - Create Nuxt storybook


  • [HA-7] - Implement Nuxt JS Jumpstart Template
  • [HA-10] - Storybook Stories extendable
  • [HA-12] - Use HOC for Magnolia property mapping (HA)
  • [HA-13] - Move UXF git repository to services
  • [HA-14] - Update ha-templates with latest spa editor
  • [HA-20] - ha-template project url update
  • [HA-21] - ha install: change from glob to fast-glob
  • [HA-23] - WebComponents Documentation
  • [HA-25] - Move HA CLI and UXF CORE to production ready npm repository
  • [HA-42] - Enhance sample templates
  • [HA-44] - add note to vue integration in documentation
  • [HA-47] - Create a ha cli wrapper
  • [HA-48] - rename ha command to ha-cli
  • [HA-49] - publish ha wrapper to npm public repository