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HA Release 1.0.10

· One min read

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.0.10. Below is the list of all new features, bugfixes and improvements.


In addition to automatically generating reference resolvers, the HA CLI now offers the ability to override resolvers or disable automatic generation entirely.

Read more about handling reference resolvers in the Content References section of HA documentation.



  • [HA-CLI] - Re-evaluate how to handle link fields and references - [HA-166]
  • [HA-CLI] - Fix generating app in Vue templates - [HA-171]
  • [HA Templates] - Fix bootstrap content in angular project template - [HA-172]


  • [HA CLI] - use JavaScript beautifier to format generated files - [HA-168]
  • [HA CLI] - Allow optional props in component interfaces - [HA-169]