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HA Release 1.0.4

· One min read
Senol Tas

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.0.4. A Minor release with some bugfixes for stability and documentation improvements.


The ha generate component command has been extended with a --link option. When you create a new component using the ha generatecommand you will be promted with a list of all templates and areas within the templates and can choose where the newly created component shall be added.

ha generate (component) --link command



  • [HA-76] - The carousel component docu contains an oversized slide which brakes the carousel component
  • [HA-87] - Missing d.ts declaration in the next.js templates break the build process

New Feature#

  • [HA-35] - extend ha generate component to give the possibility to add the new component in pages and areas


  • [HA-34] - document: write an overview about what ha cli does
  • [HA-66] - update install guide number 7: explain how to include uxf webcomponents
  • [HA-77] - show warning info when passing wrong command or parameter to ha cli
  • [HA-79] - Ha wrapper should install mgnl CLI if not present
  • [HA-82] - Headline component in the next.js template throws warning