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HA Release 1.0.8

· One min read

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.0.8. Below is the list of all new features, bugfixes and improvements.



  • [Documentation] - Fix Documentation hello-ha-cli - [HA-114]
  • [HA Templates] - Fix model output of pageLinkField in Vue template - [HA-125]


  • [HA CLI] - Generate boolean instead of string for checkBoxField $type in yaml - [HA-109]
  • [HA CLI, HA Templates] - Make magnolia version configurable in ha-templates - [HA-110]
  • [Documentation] - Update documentation with MGNL:BUILD command for windows - [HA-117]
  • [HA Templates] - Fix dependency versions in package.json - [HA-120]
  • [HA Templates] - Update (if applicable) frontend helpers for react and angular projects - [HA-127]
  • [Documentation] - Replace all mentions of PWA Kit and Managed Runtime with Composable Storefront - [HA-129]
  • [HA Templates] - Update PWA SDK in the SFCC template - [HA-135]
  • [Documentation] - Update documentation regarding Magnolia versioning - [HA-136]