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HA Release 1.0.9

· 2 min read

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.0.9. Below is the list of all new features, bugfixes and improvements.


Support Request#

  • [HA CLI] - Support Request HELPDESK-2992 - [HA-144]
  • [HA CLI] - ha install creates static title in template definition (HELPDESK-3104) - [HA-149]
  • [HA CLI] - ha install puts template definition properties to dialog definition (HELPDESK-3105) - [HA-150]
  • [HA CLI] - ha install keeps creating unwanted multisite config decoration (HELPDESK-3106) - [HA-151]
  • [HA CLI] - ha install multisite definition decoration CORS differs from documentation (HELPDESK-3107) - [HA-152]
  • [HA CLI] - ha install creates routeTemplate which can't be changed (HELPDESK-3113) - [HA-153]


  • [HA Templates] - ha jumpstart "salesforce" is not working on node version >=16 - [HA-80]
  • [HA CLI] - Fix model output for field "switchableField" in Vue template - [HA-138]
  • [HA Templates] - HA Salesforce Template: Regenerate yarn.lock with magnolia npm repository - [HA-154]
  • [HA CLI, HA Templates] - Created page does not use props from model - [HA-160]
  • [HA CLI] - .haignore doesn't apply in ha-cli watchmode - [HA-162]
  • [HA CLI] - Fix processing of i18n folder - [HA-163]

New Feature#

  • [HA CLI, HA Templates] - Create a new project template for nuxt3 / vue3 - [HA-143]


  • [HA CLI] - Add support for absolute path in HA_CLI_MGNL_LIGHT_MODULES variable - [HA-137]
  • [HA CLI] - Add metadata field to generated models - [HA-145]
  • [HA CLI] - Do not write baseUrl in the template if using siteSpa - [HA-156]
  • [HA Templates] - Update the default SF sandbox base url for the salesforce template - [HA-161]