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HA Release 1.1.0

· 2 min read

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.1.0. Below is the list of all new features, bugfixes and improvements.


You can use components without a dialog!
HA now gives you an option to define a component without a dialog definition.

Use !include and !override directives
HA supports using !include directive in your components and updates the model.ts accordingly.

Use tabbedForm layout
HA supports tabbedForm layout in your components to organise your form fields.



  • [HA CLI] - Generate generic Array for jcrMultiValueField and similar collection type fields - [HA-180]
  • [HA CLI] - Ctrl + C doesn't exit - [HA-188]
  • [HA CLI] - Component generation creates import errors - [HA-192]
  • [HA Templates] - HA with options react & salesforce-magnolia ends in error - [HA-193]
  • [HA Templates] - React app does not connect to magnolia due to missing contextPath - [HA-194]
  • [HA Templates] - Unable to retrieve assets due to faulty DAM links - [HA-196]
  • [HA Templates] - Salesforce-Magnolia: Missing component definitions in result from template annotations - [HA-197]
  • [HA CLI] - Redundant baseUrl in component templates - [HA-200]
  • [HA CLI] - Metadata in Asset interface - [HA-201]


  • [HA CLI] - Update of dependencies requested - [HA-183]
  • [HA CLI] - Change the npm package for reading files - [HA-186]
  • [HA CLI] - Component without dialog - [HA-198]
  • [HA CLI] - Unknown tag include - [HA-199]
  • [HA CLI] - Support for tabbedForm layout - [HA-202]
  • [Documentation] - Update documentation about ha login - [HA-204]
  • [Documentation] - Document a workaround for updating HA CLI on Windows - [HA-205]