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HA Release 1.2.0

· One min read

We are happy to announce the HA Release 1.2.0. Below is the list of all new features, bugfixes and improvements.


Define the placement for the HA generated files
Add an environment variable to let HA CLI know where to create the Magnolia specific files and folders for the next.js, vue and angular projects.

Linter-friendly files
HA CLI now generates files that follow the linter rules.



  • [HA CLI] - Mapping of deleted component - [HA-208]
  • [HA CLI] - Fix include of a component with a longer path - [HA-227]


  • [HA CLI, HA Templates] - Add environment variable for placing HA generated files - [HA-181]
  • [HA CLI, HA Templates] - Use linter for generated files - [HA-182]
  • [HA Templates] - Update libs in templates - [HA-210]
  • [HA CLI] - Add additional support for !include directive - [HA-212]
  • [Documentation] - Document running HA CLI without ha dev - [HA-223]