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Starting Storybook#

To start Storybook, navigate to your project and execute:

yarn storybook

This will start Storybook on port 6006.

Optionally you can start Storybook while running "ha dev" command and hitting "s" key.

Storybook Integration#

When using ha generate component or ha generate page the CLI will generate [name].stories.js/ts file. The Stories file will import a [name].Args.js containing mockdata analog to .model. files. The Story File is including the Args File so you can extend it:

   {{[name]Component.args = {   ...[name]Args,   title: "my custom title"   };}}

Storybook Mockdata#

The HA Yaml file is extended with a property name mockValue. You can either add static values or use the generator property to invoke value. When running ha install the mockValue will be stripped out before generating the target light-module Yaml file.

  properties:    - name: title      label: Title      $type: textField      i18n: true      mockValue: Default title    - name: description      label: My Description      $type: textField      mockValue:        generator: lorem        method: paragraphs        arguments:          - 5          - <br/>        i18n: true    - name: myImage      label: Image      $type: damLinkField      mockValue:        - value: static alt value          target: alt        - generator: name          method: title          target: title        - generator: image          method: abstract          arguments:            - 200            - 150            - true          target:        - generator: name          method: findName          target: title          i18n: true

Update your changes to the light modules by running:

ha install

Make sure to render the values inside the [name].tsx file.

        <h1>{props.title}</h1>        <p dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html:props.description}}/>        <img src={} alt={props.myImage.alt}/>


Storybook Mock example